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Truphone has built the world’s first mobile network without country borders. We’re built for global business. And our customers benefit because we bring them closer to their international contacts, help make them more productive, and provide them the international quality of service they deserve.

One of the ways that Truphone achieves this is by providing our customers with multiple international mobile numbers on a single patented SIM card, so international contacts can always reach them by making high-quality local calls, at a local rate. Here’s a short video that will describe how different we are.

We’re counting on partners like you to take our story forward and help us get more companies globally connected with Truphone. You can earn a healthy commission, and differentiate your business with your clients.

Interested in becoming a sales partner?

To get started, please take the adjacent questionnaire. With this information, we can suggest which type of partnership within our channel program would probably fit your business best.

Truphone’s partner program spans internationally. In the US, Truphone works with two main types of partners:

• Premier Partners

These partners are already serving enterprise clients with a full suite of communication-enabling solutions that include wireless. Their clients do international business, and are commonly familiar with the high cost and complexity of international mobile communications – that is, before Truphone. Typically, Premier Partners also carry inventory, sell directly to their clients, and offer a helpdesk for customer support.


Premier Partners often find that including Truphone in their portfolio helps differentiate them from competition. Additionally, they can earn healthy compensation.

• Referral Partners

Truphone is also actively seeking direct referrals from registered Truphone Referral Partners. Typically, referral partners have business relationships with international companies that would see value in our proposition; these partners are not required to be in the wireless business today. Registered referral partners can earn a cash reward for every successful new activation* on our global mobile network. This is a simple way to guide businesses in your network to ours. Simply make a referral and Truphone will take it from there.


*Terms and Conditions apply. Contact Truphone for further details.


Sales Partner Questionnaire

  1. Do you have multinational businesses as clients?
  2. Are you selling wireless as part of your core offerings today?
  3. Are you in a position to make a recommendation/referral about wireless to your clients?
  4. Do you fulfill wireless equipment orders for your clients?
  5. Do you have a help desk to serve your clients?
    (e.g., customer service, technical support)
  6. Do you have insight to your clients’ wireless expenses and/or travel patterns?
  7. Please check the boxes below that describe your business:
  8. Is your company based in and/or does it have operations in the US?
  9. If ”no” to 8, please indicate in what countries your company is based, and/or has presence:

Thank you!

You will receive confirmation of your application submission to the email address you provided.


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